• Leaving a job

    Over the course of my career, I've had many jobs which implies that I've also left many jobs. Leaving a job can be awkward and emotionally draining, but, depending on the circumstances, also liberating and life-improving. In this post, I want to provide some guidance on why, how, and when to leave a job based on my experiences so far. (Read more)
  • Switching from product management to engineering

    I began my career as a product manager (PM) but then switched tracks and became a software engineer (SWE) three and a half years later. In this post, I want to describe how I started as a PM, why I made the decision to switch, and how it worked out. (Read more)
  • Interviewing with Triplebyte

    In my most recent job search, I used a service called Triplebyte to connect with potential employers. I wanted to share my thoughts in case others are considering using their services to find a job. (Read more)
  • The rules for better coding interviews

    In a previous post, I discussed preparing for coding interviews as a candidate. In this post, I want to flip to the other side of the table and talk about conducting better interviews from the interviewer perspective. (Read more)
  • Using Leetcode to master coding interviews

    Having switched jobs a few times over the last few years, I've done a a lot of software engineering interviews. In my most recent job search, for instance, I did around eight phone screens followed by six on-sites. (Read more)