The following are the open source projects that I’ve created and help maintain:

Project Description More info
golines A golang formatter that fixes long lines Repo
Blog post
topicctl Tool for declarative management of Kafka topics Repo
Blog post 1
Blog post 2
kubeapply A lightweight tool for git-based management of Kubernetes configs Repo
Blog post
terraform-provider-kubeapply The kubeapply flow implemented as a Terraform provider Repo                
data-digger Dig through structured messages in Kafka, S3, or local files Repo                

I’ve also contributed to a few other projects as the non-primary author. Here’s a sample of those:

Project Description More info
kafka-go Go library for Kafka Repo
skycfg Extension library for the Starlark language that adds support for constructing Protocol Buffer messages Repo
HN post
dspl-tools Suite of command-line utilities designed to help generate, organize, and validate datasets for Google Public Data Repo