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  • Going into tech with a PhD

    I spent 5 years of my life getting a PhD, but like many others who've gotten this degree, I decided to leave academia after graduation. At the time, I explored several career choices but ultimately decided to take a Product Manager job at Google. In this post, I want to discuss why I think tech is a great destination for people with technical PhDs. (Read more)
  • How to do an architecture interview

    Many software engineering interview loops include an "architecture interview", where the candidate is asked to develop a high-level design for a software system. Over the last few years, I've given many, many of these interviews. Based on these experiences, I'd like to share what it takes to succeed in them, and some common behaviors to avoid. (Read more)
  • Interviewing with Triplebyte

    In my most recent job search, I used a service called Triplebyte to connect with potential employers. I wanted to share my thoughts in case others are considering using their services to find a job. (Read more)
  • The rules for better coding interviews

    In a previous post, I discussed preparing for coding interviews as a candidate. In this post, I want to flip to the other side of the table and talk about conducting better interviews from the interviewer perspective. (Read more)
  • Using Leetcode to master coding interviews

    Having switched jobs a few times over the last few years, I've done a a lot of software engineering interviews. In my most recent job search, for instance, I did around eight phone screens followed by six on-sites. (Read more)